A trained dog is a happy dog.

Dear Bryan & Rhonda,

I wish to thank both of you for all your help and support you offered us when we introduced Lucy to our family. As you are aware, we saved Lucy from the pound. She was a beautiful Great Dane x Bull Mastiff who unfortunately had a very rough past. At almost 55kg she was aggressive and on the verge of being out of control due to previous neglect. Unable to face the prospect of abandoning her we turned to you for help.

You not only taught Lucy but were keen to teach us techniques as well. What we learnt was always consistent and never forgotten by either us or Lucy. In a few months, our commitment and hard work was already paying off. Lucy was a very well adapted and social dog who did not respond when threatened by another dog. She became the perfect pet. We took her everywhere with us, even grocery shopping where she waited patiently at the door, and we guaranteed to have never a moment of trouble from her. Sadly we lost her unexpectedly earlier this year but thanks to you both and we have nothing but fond and beautiful memories of our little girl.

Thankyou again, we will see you soon to help train our new puppy.

Kindest Regards

Gayle & Dane

test_1I owned a timid English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She was easily trained and eager to please me in return for a pat and a cuddle. She was my loyal friend until sadly passing away and leaving me hooked on the breed. I moved to Australia and three years later I was ready for another staffy. I researched breeders and chose a blue male, Mason. I picked up my rambunctious rat bag on Australia  Day 2005. He was the total opposite to my previous timid staffy; he was a strong willed and determined extrovert. We went to our vet for basic puppy kindy, but he needed more. Unfortunately at 4 months he broke his leg while tearing around the house then falling off the bed. Two months later his leg was totally healed and I was in desperate need of some professional HELP!!! Now at 6 months, Mason would jump up on us and our visitors and not leave them alone. He would swing from the gazebo and clothes on our line, dig holes, chew shoes and not listen! I noticed an ad in the paper for K9 Obedience and quickly phoned. I started that weekend with Brian, Rhonda and the team and they’ve been a great help since. They showed me how to stop him from jumping up then taught us a few exercises so he would listen to my commands, rewarding him with positive reinforcement. I am 110% satisfied and would highly recommend K9 Obedience to any dog owner. test_2The trainers are patient with both dog and handler and you learn it’s not just about dog training it’s also about handler training, providing me the skills to train at home. Mason now one, heals, sits, drops, stands, stays and comes when called. I’ve even taught him extra tricks like begging, high 5 and to speak by using methods that Brian, Rhonda and the team have shown me. As late starters, we’ve achieved so much and I have a totally different dog thanks to K9 Obedience. With each lesson costing next to nothing for all the input from the trainers, it’s worth every cent. As a bonus, you get fit and the opportunity to socialise with other people and their dogs, for FREE! Its great fun for both of us and we’ll keep training with K9 Obedience!

Xaviera & “Mason”

test_3Zinny. He has astounded everyone, especially us, on how good he has become.
He started in puppy school, which he absolutely loved, tearing around and
socialising with other pups his age. We did our homework each day and it wasn’t long before he ‘graduated’ to dog obedience.

At dog obedience, he picked up the exercises with ease and now also does them off lead as well. This is all due to the consistent support of Brian and Rhonda, training not only Zinny, but training us to become good handlers as well. We now have a new 3 month old pup, Murphy, and the expectation is already there for him to be as good as Zinny….time will tell. One thing that has really shown me how much these classes have done, is that I really enjoy taking Zinny to the park, knowing that he will come when called and that he as well trained as he is. The best part is that he is trained without food or clickers, he will do all the exercises for praise.

We would certainly recommend K9 Dog Obedience to anyone, whether starting off with a new pup, or with an older dog. The lessons are such great value for money and you get to socialise and get fit for free! It’s a great environment and something that we (as much as the dogs) look forward to each week!

Mike and Denise Blackwood