Group vs Private Training


A trained dog is a happy dog.

Private at Home Sessions verses Group Sessions?

That’s a very good question. Maybe you have read about, or seen on TV the animal therapist who goes into a person’s home to modify the behaviour of a pet. They certainly have some amount of success. Don’t get us wrong, at K-9 Dog Obedience and Puppy Kindy we don’t condemn that type of training, but it definitely has its limitations. For example a dog that has only been trained at home, in such private sessions will learn what it is taught, no doubt about that, but what happens when the dog is out of that environment? Perhaps out for a walk, down the beach or down the street. How will the dog behave around crowds, joggers, children and other dogs? The private training sessions that the dog receives does not involve interacting with unknown people and unknown dogs. That’s why at our dog and puppy schools your dog learns to socialise and behave well, in public environments. The lifestyle on the Gold Coast is very much outdoors. Your dog needs to know what to do when it encounters dogs it doesn’t know, little children who want to pat the dog and when joggers run by.

At Puppy Kindy classes we encourage people to bring their children. That way your dog gets used to proper puppy conduct around children they don’t know.  This group behaviour learning situation teaches your pup to connect with others and at the same time cooperate with you as the master.

A trained dog is one of the most loyal companions you can have. Yes, ‘man’s best friend’. Your dog is unique. Each has its own personality, with strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to encourage your dog to perform to the best of their ability. You’ll be so pleased every time you see your dog’s progress and your dog will wag with joy to see such a happy master. Remember: a trained dog is a happy dog!

In review, group or private sessions? The answer is clear, group training is the way to go because of the public nature of our training. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog responds to K-9 Dog Obedience and Puppy Kindy, on the Gold Coast. Call today!