Puppy Kindy

At Puppy Kindy classes we encourage people to bring their children. That way your dog gets used to proper puppy conduct around children they don’t know.  This group behavior learning situation teaches your pup to connect with others and at the same time cooperate with you as the master.


Our beginners are taught to walk on a lead, sit, stay and come when called. All equally important, but the training is given when your pup is ready; otherwise he will become confused and frustrated. There is no rush or pressure for your puppy to keep up with other puppies. School at your puppy’s pace. We firmly believe that if every new pup owner attended puppy school there would be very few dog attacks, and a lot less unwanted dogs in the pound. It is very important to start young if you want a well-adjusted and behaved dog for life. Give your puppy the best chance it can, to be happy and loved.


No food rewarding at K-9 Puppy Kindy, that’s bribery. We believe the best reward is lots of praise so your dog knows you love it and are pleased with his obedience. The praise you give your pup helps you gain control. Why? Because your puppy wants more praise, and so will learn how to get it. To get it they must be submissive. See how it works?

Puppy Fun

Bring your new puppy to our puppy school and watch him run and play with all his new best friends. Your puppy will learn to socialise with confidence within this controlled environment without getting into fights. We show you techniques of how to step in and correct your pup, when needed – without hitting. Start your German Shepherd from pup. No one wants to see a dog hit. Your puppy will interact with other pups with decorum. Your dog will not embarrass you. You will be so proud you will take him anywhere. Avoid problems by getting off on the right foot.

Puppy School:

  • Your puppy must have had its first vaccination.
  • Miniature breeds may stay in Puppy Kindy for 10 weeks or longer if needed.
  • Larger breeds must finish at 4 months and graduate to Dog Obedience Training.
  • Your family and children are welcome to puppy school.
  • Have fun and get fit with your pup.