About Us


A trained dog is a happy dog.

Our school has been training dogs for 40 years, with 20 of those years spent on the Gold Coast. We help you to train your dog. The owners and trainers, Bryan and Rhonda offer a personalised service.

Unique Situations

Sometimes there are particular circumstances that are not common. For example you want to know how to introduce your dog to an environment where there is a swimming pool, or a member of your family is deaf and you need your dog to know how to communicate successfully in this situation. Our personalised service and 40 years of experience includes many unusual settings. Call today to discuss any concerns or questions your have.

Other situations that we have looked after before include:

  • People in wheal chairs
  • 3 legged dogs
  • Deaf dogs


Our school boasts 3 National Champions and Excellence Medallions, as well as countless members achieving Obedience Passes with many being awarded ‘Best in the Ring’.

As a member of our club you are guaranteed to have fun! You will swell with pride as your dog learns and becomes more obedient. The bond you will forge is one for life.

The difference between a trained dog and untrained dog is as plain as day. When your dog begins to respond to your commands, it will inspire you to keep going until you and your dog are the perfect team. Consistency and commitment will be rewarded with wags of joy and obedience.

Our methods work, and we know they work because of the constant referrals and glowing testimonials from happy dog owners, who we have helped to train their dogs. As well as the same owners bringing along their second, third and fourth dog to our dog and puppy school.

Undesirable Behaviour

Does your dog display any of these:

  • Aggression
  • Hyperactive
  • Anti-social
  • Fearful
  • Obnoxious
  • Withdrawn
  • Destructive

If so then K-9 Dog Obedience and Puppy Kindy can help you modify these types of behaviour, because our years of experience and methods are tried and proven. Including German Shepherds and Bull Terriers. Quieting aggressive dogs is a speciality of ours.