Dog Obedience


A trained dog is a happy dog.

Duel training.

If you have more than one RESPONSIBLE handler in your family you are welcome to come along to all train your dog, so you all know how to handle your dog with the same commands, many other clubs and dog training schools have a ‘only one handler’ rule. So come on down, and bring the family.

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Yes, but it may take a little more patience and love! Your dog is no longer a puppy. It behaves in a way you are not happy with, that’s why you are reading this web page. Maybe you haven’t owned your dog since it was young; maybe it carries ‘baggage’ from its previous owner. Your dog is a product of its environment. Whatever it learnt, or didn’t learn is what you want to change. Our technique for training adult dogs works well, because they see the other dogs in the class heeding their owners, and your dog will overcome its prior-learned behaviour and begin to obey you. We cannot emphasise enough – a trained dog is a happy dog.

Canine Behaviour

Understanding a little about the canine world will give you an insight and knowledge that will give you the upper hand. Dogs instinctively gravitate toward living together in a pack under a leader; this leader is the ‘alpha dog’. You, your family or whoever you live with, is your dog’s pack, and it needs to understand that you are the leader. If you do not behave as the leader, your dog will conclude that it is the alpha dog of your pack, and will try and ‘boss’ you. Is that what you want? No, of course not. At K-9 Dog School right from the outset of our training sessions your dog will know that it is not the leader. It may not know exactly what to do when given commands, but at the very least it will know that you are boss, and will learn in time, what the commands mean.


We don’t use food as a reward; we encourage praise and love to be the only reward. Who wants to carry smelly dog snacks in their pockets or purse all the time? Other dog and puppy schools use a clicker to signal praise. So what happens if you lose the clicker? Do you have to buy twenty of them and have them scattered all around the house and yard? We encourage simply love and attention. Your dog will obey you for the reward of praise alone – and what does that cost? Nothing.